Father Allouez Catholic School Teacher Spotlight

Father Tom Reynebeau, the pastor of Resurrection Parish, is undeniably a good shepherd to the children of Father Allouez Catholic School. His dedication to the students’ spiritual and moral development is a testament to his commitment to their well-being. Father Tom’s compassionate guidance, wisdom, and caring presence make him a source of inspiration in the lives of the young members of the school. He is a true blessing to Catholic Education, fostering not only religious understanding but also values of empathy, kindness, and community service.

Father Allouez Catholic School is part of the Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System. We are a private Catholic school serving Preschool and Elementary through 8th grade (PK3-8) with open enrollment. Father Allouez provides an individualized education in a faith-based environment. Each child is supported not only academically, but spiritually.

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