Athletic Mission Statement

We, the teachers, parents, and students of Resurrection Catholic Parish and Father Allouez Catholic School, welcome all to participate with patience, fortitude, cooperation and understanding of the differences we all provide.

We will assist our Christian community in providing a sound basis for personal improvement by using strong values, reality and meaningful use of time and energies. We will meet our goals and objectives by being models of Christ’s undying love for us all. We must be generous with our time and talents and understand that we are blessed in the fact that we are a caring, nurturing, family-oriented steward to the betterment of our growth in a Christian community.

Father Allouez Catholic School Athletics is a parish/school organization. Religion Education students are invited and encouraged to participate. However, league rules have two requirements for Religion Education students: 1) The athlete must remain in good standing in either parish Religion Education Program, and 2) The athlete is not allowed to participate in an organized public school league of any kind (including organized intra-mural) at the same time that they are participating in a parish sport.

Father Allouez Catholic School has a “no cut, everyone participates” policy. However, registrations will not be accepted from athletes who have not previously returned their uniform and/or equipment.


We are excited to begin registration for 2023-2024 athletics. All registration forms will be completed, including the emergency, concussion, and player/parent contract within our SportsEngine website. Prior to completion of registration, credit card payment will be accepted. If you already have a SportsEngine account you just need to complete the registration process for Father Allouez Catholic School. A SportsEngine account can be created if you do not currently have one. Please use the link below to complete your child’s/children’s registration. Please see the attachments for information on all of our athletic programs as well as our 2nd-5th grade flag football league (5th FACS/NDDP Flag Football does not overlap with FACS 5th/6th Co-Ed Soccer).  

Register now for FACS Athletics on SportsEngine at 2023/2024 FACS Athletic Registration.

Booster Club

Resurrection Parish has formed an Athletic Booster Club comprised of parents and parishioners in support of the athletic programs for students from the parish.

2023-24 Forms

Athletic Program Information

FACS Notre Dame Co-Ed Flag Football