Father Allouez Catholic School

Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System

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FACS is Having an Apparel Sale

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Fall Parent Teacher Conferences

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Our daily mantra that we proudly proclaim is: “We are WOLVES – Welcoming Others, Loving Vibrantly, Encouraging Service” as Disciples of God. I am pleased to be able to say our community embraces all of those actions. We are blessed to have dedicated, holy, professional teachers and staff members who contribute to the high quality, faith-based education students receive at Father Allouez.

I would like to invite you to visit and become a member of this warm, Catholic community. The Holy Spirit dwells in our buildings and people and allows for a truly transformative educational experience for each student and their family. 

Mrs. Kay Franz, Principal

Alumna, Father Allouez Catholic School

Testimonial 4

The teachers, faculty and all my classmates (from Father Allouez) are all so special to me. Everyone was so kind, and I really had the best experience possible there.

Mr. Christopher Forbes
Teacher, Father Allouez Catholic School

Testimonial 5

Middle school is a time for exploration, where youth begin to mold their life path and refine their personalities. Music/arts is about cultural appreciation, amongst many things.

Student, Father Allouez Catholic School

Testimonial 3

I like going to school here because everyone is really nice. I can ask my teachers whenever I have a question. I can study in my class and keep learning and learning more things.

Ms. Brenda Touchinski
Teacher, Father Allouez Catholic School

Testimonial 2

It has truly been a gift being able to teach in the GRACE Catholic school system. It is great being able to teach such wonderful students who are all so motivated.

Student, Father Allouez Catholic School

Test Quote 1

The teachers at Father Allouez are all very caring and very good at sharing what they know about all their subjects. And my classmates are all fun and nice. There's a lot of nice people here.