Testimonial 4

I had the wonderful privilege of going to Father Allouez School. All the teachers were kind and helpful and it always felt like the faculty and my peers all wanted me to do the best that I could, and pushed me to get there.


Testimonial 3

I like the teachers because they challenge us and give us a lot of help. Everyone is really nice! I like that we go to Mass, learn about the Bible and pick our elective classes. I think Father Allouez School is the best!


Testimonial 2

I feel extremely blessed to work in the GRACE Catholic School System. It is a privilege and an honor to inspire hearts and minds with faith and knowledge. At Father Allouez Catholic School, we have an amazing community that works together to help every student succeed!


FACS not only provides our children with high-quality education, but we’ve also created the most genuine, lifelong friendships with other parents. This supportive community has brought us endless joy.