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Service Around Green Bay

The fourth grade at Father Allouez Catholic School was involved in doing service projects for the McCormick Assisted Living this year. There are 55 residents that currently reside at the facility. Students have done one project a month, starting in September and ending in May. The fourth graders learned how important doing service projects are and how even small things can really brighten someone’s day.

In September, they brought the residents SunnyD drinks. The students made some beautiful tags which were lovingly attached to each bottle.

In October, they bagged Halloween treats for residents who each received a bag of candy along with a special student note.

In November, they bagged candy corn for each of the residents. They designed a “Candy Corn Prayer” and wrote a little personal note on the back of the prayer to personalize the gift.

In December, they initiated a blanket drive and collected enough blankets to give one to each resident. The fourth graders were even able to donate some extra blankets to give to future residents! Each of the blankets were wrapped with care and given as a surprise to the residents for Christmas.

In January, the students decided to share Pop-Tarts with the residents. They had heard that they had not had Pop-Tarts since before the pandemic. They knew we had to remedy that for them! They purchased different flavors, labeled the boxes and added notes. It was all Poppin fun!

In February, they made the residents Valentines and attached them to a Valentine bag of pretzels.

In March, all of the residents received Skittles as a treat! The students made little cards to go with the Skittles or “Rainbow Seeds” as they called them. The cards were then attached to the bags of Skittles.

For April, they held a drive at school to collect items for their Easter basket project. The students were able to collect enough items to make a big Easter basket for each of the residents! They were able to take a walking field trip to visit the residents and hand deliver the baskets to everyone’s door! They loved the smiles and conversations that we had with the residents that day!

In May, they sent the residents homemade flower arrangements in coffee cups. They made tags to go on each arrangement.

The fourth graders of Father Allouez Catholic School have learned much about the importance of conducting service for their local community this year, and have made a huge impact on the lives of those residing at McCormick Assisted Living.

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