students with legos

Father Allouez Catholic School Robotics

Students in Wednesday elective class build and test their own robots.

The Father Allouez Catholic School middle school students have the opportunity to participate in various elective classes.  One of the Wednesday elective classes that they can choose from is a hands-on robotics class with Mrs. Fink. This class offers students a valuable opportunity to explore and cultivate a diverse range of skills.  In the Robotics class students have worked through three important stages before the building started. They began with defining and categorizing what constitutes a robot. Next they discussed  how robots can benefit our daily lives. Lastly, they learned about the 3 Laws of Robotics by Isaac Asimov. They were then ready to build their very own robots!

The students have been building a Lego Spike design.  Students have enjoyed this immersive, hands-on learning process of building, testing, and programming their robot prototype. While they build and test they are identifying any problems that come up, they work together to determine a solution and try again! This process not only refines their technical abilities but also fosters teamwork and resilience.

Take a look at some pictures of the building and programming stages, and a few videos of students testing their robots!

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