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The Site Advisory Council (SAC) coordinates all site fundraising activities and ensures activities are in alignment with the school’s mission statement and vision. Individual classes, sports teams, clubs, as well as other student and parent fundraising groups may organize events to meet the needs of their program(s). The fundraising process below ensures a consistent and fair procedure for approving all fundraising activities.

1. Complete a Fundraising Request Form and submit it to the School Office at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Events will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Please be sure to complete all information on the form and attach any supporting material you may find to be helpful in evaluating your fundraising activity.

3. Complete the bottom portion of the form if you require the use of any school or parish buildings or facilities. Clearly indicate areas/equipment needed as well as date and time needed. If requesting the use of the Res FAC or SMC gym, after school hours, both the parish office and the school Athletic Director will need to confirm availability of the facility:

a. Res FAC: Contact the Res campus School Office ( to check availability with the parish and Athletic Director. A temporary “hold” will be placed on
the facility if available. If the fundraiser is approved by SAC, a parish Event Planning Form will be completed by the requestor.

b. SMC gym: Contact Stacy Smits at the St Matt’s parish office to confirm availability with the parish and Athletic Director. A temporary “hold” will be placed on the facility if available, until the approval process is complete.

4. Fundraisers must have a designated Event Organizer leading the event. Please be sure to have the Event Organizer sign the form before submitting.

5. A Fundraising Assessment Form will be emailed to the Event Organizer following an event. Please complete within 15 days of the completion of the fundraiser and submit to the School Office. Completion will help us to provide acknowledgement of gifts and donors as well as evaluate effectiveness of fundraisers.

All forms are available in the School Office. Please contact the School Office with any questions. The Site Advisory Council will notify the Event Organizer the status of fundraiser approval.

Key Elements

1. Fundraiser

* Fundraising refers to any solicitation for the benefit of raising money or material items for a FACS-sponsored team/club/activity or any outside organization including community service

2. Why do we need a policy and guidelines?

* Coordinate number of events and scheduling
* Ensure that the purpose and outcome are transparent
* Promote organized fundraising environment

3. Purpose of policy and guidelines

* Ensure a consistent and fair procedure for approving all fundraising activities
* Eliminate conflicting events and overlapping events
* Provide an element of financial control and reporting

4. Who/what is covered under the policy and guidelines?

* Any group or individual who is asking to sell a product, provide a service or solicit donations of cash or in-kind donations

5. Approval process via evaluation by SAC Marketing subcommittee. Decision for approval provided within one week of submission. Approval weighted on the following:

a. Mission of School – how fundraiser furthers the mission of the school
b. Mission of fundraiser
c. Need based
d. First come-first serve

6. No group may sell any items to the general student body (i.e. ice cream, candy) during the school day or at school/athletic events and retain the profits unless approved by SAC.

Fundraising Event Form